Data Storytelling Success

Have you ever pulled together a presentation and delivered your data, to hear the feedback of “that was interesting” and then nothing happens afterwards? 
The Data Storytelling & Visualisation Workshop for the Public Sector will give you the ability to move your data communication from “interesting” to “insightful” and feel confident that your recommendations will be not only heard, but also inspire action. No more leaving meetings wondering “what was that about?”  
Since 2017, Presentation Boss have helped boutique sales teams through to government departments to plan, design, and deliver their best data stories. This is a structured approach for communicating data insights. If an insight isn’t understood, and isn’t compelling, it dies on the spot and no one will ever act upon it. It becomes useless; numbers forever hidden in a spreadsheet. 
With this course, you will leave with the skills to produce reports and presentations with clear messaging, effective data visualisations, and persuasive data narratives all driving towards inspiring action. 
This highly interactive two-day workshop will leave you feeling confident that you can plan, design and deliver using best practices in data storytelling. Every step from page to stage will be demonstrated and workshopped using your real-time scenarios and challenges, with specific, individual feedback. 
The fastest moving analysts aren’t always those with the best analysis skills, but those who can communicate their value, and demonstrate the business focus of their data. If you’re ready to have your data insights turned into effective narratives, that are actioned when presented and to feel confident with the whole process, then you need to be here.
In collaboration with Presentation Boss - Australia's leading Data Storytelling training provider

Why Attend

  • Understand how to analyse your audience and tailor a key message.  
  • Know how to structure a clear, logical data story with actionable recommendations.  
  • Create supportive data visualisations and beautiful slide design.  
  • Develop voice and body techniques to present as a trusted authority.  
  • Move your presentation from interesting to impactful.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for all levels of government, including departments, agencies/services, and local councils. Anyone responsible for communicating insights using data including roles in:
  • Strategy
  • Business intelligence
  • Research
  • Policy
  • Communications 
  • Analytics

Meet our Expert Facilitators

Thomas Krafft
Presentation Boss

Kate Norris
Presentation Boss 



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