Workshop Agenda

Sydney / Eora : 10- 11 October  | Canberra: 13-14 Oct  | Melbourne / Naarm: 20-21 October 
New Zealand 
 Wellington / Poneke: 14-15 November 


Develop the systems to build a foundation for data presentation success. Work through guides to know that your data storytelling will be properly listened to and influence decisions. 
  • Audience Analyser – Know exactly who in your audience you will be speaking to, and understand what they need from you. 
  • Message Refiner – Get clear on what the single message you need to communicate is and tailor it to perfection. 
  • Successful Storytelling Structure – Know and use the format to deliver a clear, logical data story that is impactful and saves distractions. 
  • Actionable Recommendations – How to move from what the data tells you, to actionable business insights.

Make your data look great and be visually engaging. Move away from overwhelming the audience and towards clear comprehension. 
  • Choose Your Chart – Understand the difference between exploratory and explanatory charts and which is best for your data 
  • Chart Detox – Know what chart junk is and understand how to keep only the best chart parts to ensure audience attention 
  • Highlight and Annotate – How do you ensure your audience is compelled towards the recommendation and conclusion you need them to. 
With great data visuals, how to weave them into captivating design of slides and reports, and add your anecdotes for emotional engagement. 
  • Drip-feeding Narrative – Avoid giving ‘too much, too fast” to your audience. How to slow down and keep minds and focus on your data narrative. 
  • Slick Slide Design – Create beautiful slides that ensure no more ‘Death by PowerPoint’. And what to include whether it’s presentation or report. 
  • Personal Storytelling – How to include personal anecdotes that make you likable and a trusted expert. 
How to show up with the presentation skills that have you feeling confident and authentic to share your brilliance. 
  • Voice and Body – Stop feeling like an awkward octopus, and know what looks confident. How to leverage your vocal variety to sound like an authority. 
  • Personality and Authenticity – Understand what makes a presentation feel authentic, and how to inject your personality into your work. 
  • Expert Q&A Sessions – Gain the skills to expertly run any Question & Answer session, including dealing with difficult audience members